Friday, April 29, 2011

Thanks to the wonderful ladies at My Naughty Secret Fantasies for the Crossdressing Poem

A while back I found a phone sex site that sought to link blogs about crossdressing to their site. I applied and I was accepted (didn't think I was going to be...since this blog is less sex than others...though there's nothing wrong with sex. Mind you.)

And they wrote little ol me a poem (and you too) for National Poetry Month. And it's a delight.

What is it like to be a Woman

Maybe we should start from the top

Once we begin we may not stop

From the shine in our hair,

To what we really want to wear.

How we love to shine our lips,

The curves of our pretty hips,

We didn’t learn it from a book,

In the mirror, for hours we look.

So how to be a Lady fair?

It does not matter what you wear.

Way down deep inside your heart,

That is where you have to start.

The plumbing does not matter here,

If you are straight, or flaming Queer.

It is all about your state of mind

And leave all of those fears behind.

Let us start the celebration!

And go on with the Transformation!

Make yourself into a Hot Mess,

Go Ahead Girl and Crossdress!

The art of being a woman is not simply how you are built by nature it is in your attitude and you frame of mind. Please don't let anyone tell you that you are not acceptable because you are not who society can accept at the norm. Break out of those barriers and be yourself.

Thanks Again

Goddess Jessica

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