Sunday, January 16, 2011

For Cisgendered Spouses, Partners: sex with crossdressers

This isn't an advice post, but it is. Inspired by my own marriage. We don't have sex. Very often at least, averaging less than once a month since I've been out as a crossdresser/tg person. Not that I blame her, her man doesn't want to be a man, most of the how does this translate to the bedroom.

Truthfully, I don't know.

I think that if your partner is willing playing with clothes might be satisfactory for both parties.

I am not saying you should get girlie with your SO, that would be great, but let's hold the panties and nighties for another occasion.

Suggest, instead, at some point in the foreplay that she wear some sexy underwear for you to rub, kiss, moisten and excite her. Heck get her off and then have her masturbate you with the aforementioned undergarments, in that matter you achieve skin on clothing contact, part of which is part of the attraction of the role of a woman...all those sexy clothes.


  1. I understand this predicament. My significant other doesn't know I dress and our sex life has greatly decreased. I try to "dress her up" so that she'll be more stimulating to me, but she doesn't seem to catch on that I really like when she wears sexy lingerie. I don't tell her about Maggie because I know this won't help the situation. She enjoys me as a man who does manly things and me dressing up would go against that. I just wanted to say I sort of identify with your experience and I enjoy your blog.

  2. thanks for the support....i know what yr feeling