Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear Abby! Jacking a fellow TGirl's link

I'm jacking this post by fellow T-girl Jessica Who? mostly because I want to share it with a friend who follows my blog (but not Jessica's) and whose email keeps bouncing my link. After six hours of casual trying...I'm giving up. Sorry Jessica Who? Where ever you are... Enjoy FL...I'm off to LA in about three days. Oh the heat...perfect for a summer dress.

Anyhow...Dear Abby deals with a woman who wants to xd her hubby. Lucky guy! Enjoy!

Somebody owes me a phone call.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer projects

Ladies…it is summer and I trust all are having a great and safe and hilarious start to the season all about skin.

Ladies, this summer I’m gonna to master heavy, heavy, heavy hooker glam eye shadow.

Normally I play it safe, light and flirty, no heavier than a professional GG would wear to work. But I want to throw caution to the wind and take my eyes to the club, girl.

I’m not going to the club. No. My eyes are, and my brain, but ol’ Cass will have her narrow butt on the porch.

The other project I have in mind is a more of a record of TG history in terms of names. Most of us feminize or masculinize our given name, but many do not. The trend is not restricted to gay or straight culture. It seems to be a matter of choice. Where did your name come from? Might be interesting, might be as boring as a bus, but who knows?

You can direct your browser here

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Combined Gender Identity and Transsexuality Inventory

Take the COAGTI test here.

See how transgendered you are...well at least almost. Keep in mind girls that these tests aren't 100% accurate and you'd be better off seeing a therapist and taking it under supervision.

I score 190...probable transsexual.

Sounds about right

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Home Project

From the You Tube subscriber information:THE HOME PROJECT is a performance piece developed from the true-stories of Chicago-area youth who have been disowned because of their gender or sexual identities. In this clip, a young trans woman experiences life on the streets after being kicked out of home by her mother.

The mother is played by an African American male while the trans woman is played by a white female, further skewering the schemas of gender/gender roles and sexual identity. Worth the time to check out.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Socio-Politico-Personal Ramble On

So a few things over the last year or so that clarified for me as a crossdresser and a transgendered person: accessories make/break a casual outfit (I prefer femme, professional girly), Great shoes elevate any outfit, even sweats. And I’m much more comfortable in traditional female roles than I am in traditional male roles.

Like many of you I began to dress young and as I grew older (and after many purges) the urge and need to dress grew, to the point you have to own up to being what you are, which is gender variant. And even though I have been doing this for so long, the field is always turning over and over, and sometimes the old roots peek out.

I can’t help but think the trans-political movement the zeitgeist, or at least one that is occurring on a less mainstream culture. A mini-zeitgeist. Cute. In the last hundred years our masculine America has seen great social progress: women, African-Americans, Homosexuals, and now Transgenders have fought and are fighting for basic rights. The male America is shrinking, as is its white population. A social revolution is quietly occurring and we bear witness. The world gene pool is trending to a more mixed population, which is essential for long-term survival. Think: mutts are less prone to debilitating genetics than pure-bred dogs. Gender and other social constructions will also trend towards an androgynous style. And along with it sexuality and attitudes about sexuality and race.

Nuff said. Time to dance.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

radio hate jocks KRXQ

Rob and Arnie's anti-trans rants and defamatory comments have raised all sorts of hairs.If you need a refresher, or missed it entirely check it out here. This comes as a flurry of GLBT news and landmarks pop up in time for summer. Obama's declaration that June is GLBT month, NH passing gay marriage, and countless other smaller, personal milestones.

The trans movement, if you can call it that, is building steam in terms of mainstream acceptance. This larger political moves do not even begin to show the depth of this experience. Yet, thanks in large part to the internet, a global story emerges.

The anti trans child rant on KRXQ sullies all this progress. But it is to be expected. Most of the world are stones. We are the flowers. And what do you expect from a stone? Rough practical earthy response. Sure, the comments were meant to be a joke. The world is full of stones. They all laughed, no doubt. Sadly, there will be more.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A sign of things to come

Yes, there's much ado about gay marriage in NH, but the quieter, bigger news is Harvard added a GLBT endowment. Why is this bigger? Because it is proof of mainstream acceptance. Once Harvard adds GLBT endowments all of the other schools will follow.