Friday, January 27, 2012

So, I'm a Kindle Slut, too everyone else in the first world, I got a Kindle for Christmas.

Not the fancy Fire, but a stripped down model.

I love it. For those of you not in the know...I am in recovery and my body and throat are in shambles. Sitting around reading is what I do best.

And my wee Kindle is...well...kinda addictive. And again, I don't have the fancy Fire.

Cute, easy, long life, and lots of cheap transgendered erotica for purchase. Oh yes, great literature is to be had, for free! My favorite gothic novels, Whitman (his long lines are butchered by the Kindle formatting), a novel a friend from college wrote, and I picked up a great meditation book gathered from recovery centers across the globe.

I am a dictionary slut, so the easy to use dictionaries make me squirm, in a good way.

Frankly, I've been inspired to compile my own kindle novel-part poetry-part erotica-part identity search-part diary...