Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gratitude and Attitude

No thrift store finds today, alas.

A local funeral, which in these hinterlands causes small town traffic to snarl, gave me pause.

I have gratitude for what I have. I must change my attitude.

I must love myself.

My sinuses make my head feel like I'm shrinkwrapped in wet cotton.

I am as small as a bean.

Off to the thrift store to look for bargains

it's tax season, which means in these hear parts, ladies, the upper class rids themselves of last year's fashions in order to get those blank donation slips one can file with the irs...

usually I find something cute, or at least cool.

Records, tables, a cute top, some basic belts, or something to pull an outfit together.

Will report.

Friday, February 25, 2011

NSFW post....yes, some lit porn for you

Yes, ladies, I know. Porn? Really, Cass?

How trite.

Well because I'm slightly graphomanic I often rent my talents to a variety of adult enterprises, either for a small fee, or for credit with whatever service they provide (usually boring adult streaming video, free pics, the occasional credit with a phone sex provider. And this means that I don't cash in on what goes for pay in the adult entertainment world for freelance writers...).

And since I have vowed to update this blog more often... guess what ladies.... enjoy some hardcore sissy porn.

Don't judge, please. I am a classy lady, for the most part.

For this type of post I like to combine a raw rough element with a sensuous ear. Let me know if you like.

Written for Mistress Jade for her nite flirt journal and blog. She wanted something trashy and hardcore for forced fem callers and patrons

It is untitled:

My cock was a steel rod in my wife’s panties. The satin rubbed against my head and pre-cum spotted the front, but one could hardly see it because they were black and the light was low. My nipples were hard, the icy hot I had rubbed on them made them hurt, and as I slipped on the flimsy cotton top, a bright red, low cut tank.

The truckers like this top. This way I remind them more of the skanky sluts who roam the bars. Perfect for the truckers who will stare at my flat, smooth, chest, stare at my cock pressing up under the short denim skirt that slides up my long shaved legs.

Mistress Jade has commanded me to roam the truckstops and whore her slut’s mouth and ass out for money and pleasure.

I have given Mistress Jade my squirt log-in information. And now she controls where I will go, whom I will meet, and how many cocks will cum on my skin, on my hands, in the mouth, in my sissy cunt.

Tonight she has commanded me to the truck stop on 113. The men who travel through there have written of a glory hole in the back stall of the men’s room. And now I am driving there, my heart stammering in my chest, my head so filled with lust I can feel it lifting off my shoulders.

I pull into the truck stop, there are a half dozen men roaming around the rigs. I stop, apply a second round of bright red, cheap lipstick, adjust my long blonde wig and step outside.

It’s cold, and my nipples hardened under my top. The skin on my legs are alive with frosty air, and my sissy clit is throbbing. I need to get fucked….

I head to the bathroom, anyone looking my way can tell I’m a sissy fag dressed in his wife’s sluttiest clothes looking for cock. I fool no one.

The bathroom stinks of piss, otherwise it appears moderately clean. Little graffiti, lots of wear and tear. I go to the back stall and open the door. A rough glory hole has been cut in the wall. My mouth waters and I drop to my knees to try out positions.

The floor is cold and hard against my knees. I wish I had brought a towel. The smell of piss floats up to my nose. In the bowel floats a small dark turd.

I am on my knees less than ten seconds when the door opens and the sounds of men fill the room.

“Yeah, I thought so.” One of them says.

There are three of them I can tell by the way they move their boots.

The stall next to mine opens. A man steps in and unzips his zipper. I stare through. All I see at first is his jeans, but soon a long flaccid black cock is pushing through the hole. It’s long, six inches soft, and the head is enormous. I slide my tongue over the head. It’s silky, and salty and the man behind the stall moans. I start to suck the head, my tongue swirling around the head and down the shaft. I don’t use my hands yet, I just savor the taste of his skin, the heat, the smell of his sweat as it floats through the air.

He starts to push his hardening cock through the hole faster, I speed up my mouth to accommodate. He’s horny, and I can tell from his grunts and how he presses against the wall in front of me that he’s been on the road and is horny. He speeds his thrusts, and I back my mouth off his shaft and focus on the head, sliding my tongue over his piss slit. He moans and his cum shoots into my mouth, down my throat, and out the sides of my mouth. I continue to suck, sliding my tongue over his cock. He groans and I use my hands to milk him for what he is worth. He pulls out and the sweet salty taste of cum if on my tongue and lips.

He stumbles out the door and one of his buddies enter. He unzips, and thrusts his short fat cock through the hole.

Now I like big ones, especially in my cunt, but short fat cocks are fun because I can suck them down to the crotch hair and really inhale the scent of the man who’s topping me. And I do that, and slurp his meat down, my lips sliding down to the base of his shaft. He stinks of sweat and lust and he bucks at my motions, moaning hard. The third man opens the door to my stall.

I manage to look up at him briefly, but go back to sucking, concentrating on the fat head, sliding it in and out of my lips.

I know what the man behind me wants.

Every time I go out for Mistress Jade, I apply generous amounts of lube to my ass. No need to get ripped…what an unnecessary pain. Sometimes to get me horny, I take my wife’s dildo and slam it up there and walk around the house to get my ass warmed up for the main event.

He was big, beer bellied, and when he unzipped his pants he pulled out a long hard red cock that curled up like a horn. He pulled up my skirt as he moved behind me. He pulled aside my thong and in one long hard motion slammed his cock into my ass. I moaned and hummed on the cock in my mouth. The man behind slide his monster dick in and out of my hole. I felt my cunt open up wide for him. He had masterful control as he pumped it in and out of my cunt. He grunted as he fucked me, and the man on the other side of gloryhole moaned loudly.

My mouth filled with sperm, I gasped for air as the cum rolled out of my mouth and over my chin. The man behind me slammed me harder and harder, seeing my head was free. He pushed my body against the stall and came in my cunt. His hot seed spread deep into my gut.

I gasped for breath, licking the cum off my chin.

The man behind me spat on in my eye before walking out. The man with the short fat cock peeked in and smiled.

“Nice job bitch.” He opened his wallet and threw down a twenty.

I licked my chin and tilted my head back. Cum ran out of my cunt.

I waited till they left, and knowing the cops would be making a round soon, head to my car. My cock was so hard I rubbed it through my skirt as I walked. Anyone who would see would see I was jerking off.

I came loudly and longly before I opened my door. The cum stain spread wide over my skirt. It soaked my panties.

I jerked off twice more before I got home, swerving in the road as I came.

I wonder what my next assignment will bring.

Monday, February 21, 2011

transition: the mind

Yours truly is currently on a spiritual path, or should I say back on the spiritual path. No fear, loves, I'm not packing the New Testament (cue: Seinfeld sound byte: not that there's anything wrong with that) I'm talking real transformation.

I acknowledge that I am powerless to my gender: which is female. It is how I express, love, live, and perceive the world.

I acknowledge that how I perceive myself is not at all how others perceive me, and that my sense of self is opposed, if you will, or polarized perhaps to how others sense me.

What is the same? The heart, the love, the mind and the action.

It dawned on me that I must bring the two halves of my life together, to be whole. How that will look, I do not know.

Regardless if I begin hormone therapy or if I continue to inhabit two worlds, what is clear to me is that mentally and emotionally I must be the one person.

A mental, or spiritual transition must occur for me to progress.

No more despair, or shame or paranoia about if I will piss off the wife and family.

I cannot control how they feel, I can only control how I feel, and to be honest about my feelings.

I acknowledge that I cannot go half cocked into my spiritual journey without care and caution.

Sorry, ladies, I've rambled on for far too long.



Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blog set to music

My tumblr blog set to music.

how far?

Once upon a year ago I took f hormones for a week till they messed with m BP...considering them again. Does anyone have any regrets?