Thursday, April 2, 2009

New clothes it, live it, learn it.

One of my goals in starting this blog was to discuss cheap, cheap, cheap clothes for us trans folk. I mean damn, ain't fashion a bitch on your pocketbook? Especially when a dollar isn't worth a nickel.

Some of you who have been out for longer have this down pat. I, being an emotionally clumsy gender obsessed wrecking ball, have only begun to blossom as a shopper.

And I love it!

With the economy tangled up in its own bra, I vowed to not buy fashionable clothes, bags, and accessories--though I want to...I pine, I perish.

I'm a Target gal, and Wal-mart too, for some things...not for all, dear readers, I have some dignity.

I also started this blog, because I dither on too much. Put me in front of a word processor and I go, go, go. Over the month I'll post cool poems, which may or may not be trans themed.

It is National Poetry Month

and I am a transgendered I figure I have to punish you with one of my other obsessions...

Oh, clothes. Scheduled for delivery, close out clothes...two dresses for 25.00 and change (shipping)

Also I snagged a pair of fashion tights (black with grey and silver criss crosses) for a dollar at Dollar Tree...sweet

Issac Mizarhi Allspice Merino Dress

Mossimo Black print v neck smock waist dress


  1. I like that you cut off the models' heads. Seems strangely appropriate here...

  2. Not just trans girls...this girl...or drag queen in a woman's body take your pick...has learned to refuse full price on anything. It's ridiculous and lazy. While on holiday, I've snagged loads of great deals for the crossdresser and I while spending less $100. For less than $100 we have 7 new pairs of shoes, 4 dresses, half a dozen vintage T's, blouses, earrings, and so much more. Happy hunting! Seek and ye shall find...

  3. But why pay full price if you know where to get the same item for less elsewhere? :)

    Expensive doesn't always mean quality and cheap doesn't always mean rubbish. :-D