Thursday, May 14, 2009

Been laying low

Work has been a beast, end of term which leaves little time for myself, especially after the demands of spring family activities have been met. The recession has hit this area hard, as most places, and I've noticed an up-trend with women taking charge of the household finances, as well as leadership roles in the community.

A colleague who teaches economics told me that if this recession continues to slug along, that we will see a reversal in many major corporations and wake up to a world where women are holding the reigns of capitalist power.

So where does that leave TG folk, and trans women? Hopefully not out in the cold. In my little corner of the world I've noticed transmen and women are getting more of their lion's share of water-cooler conversation, for better or worse. Regardless of whether people are praising, questioning, or trashing us, we're getting noticed.

And of course so much of what people are saying have to do with the trolley accident in Beantown, which is total BS. Just because he was she doesn't mean a damn thing. Yes, it is damaging to t-folk, because in this media frenzy world any spotlight can hurt or help....still one must look at the situation not the person. Damn, the boy was in love, he was doing what we'd all do.... leave the gender variance out of it.

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  1. Hi Cassidy,

    We are indeed getting noticed and I think it is about time! I also believe that many people see us in a more positive light because there are so many professional people going public with their transitions - just look at all the wonderful blogs we have going now.

    I tell everyone just how important it is to get out and get known, simply because if we want to have a place in our community we first have to be a part of that community.

    Hugs and Blessings,