Thursday, July 30, 2009

Going to and fro and walking up and down

Holy shite muslims, ladies.

Summer is running away from me. I haven't posted in some time and Let. Me. Tell. You.

What an awesome time I am having...

recap: cassidy is: straight married crossdresser/trans woman writer arty hippie freak living in the middle of nowheresville and married to a hot mamma who tolerates my tg lifestyle.

newsflash: recently hot momma and I had a girl frienascance. We went shopping. Now my hot momma is a bargain shopper and chic, and we went on a whirlwind tour of one kick-ass mall (the nearest mall is 1.5 hrs away...

Mostly we shopped here.

And loved it...

Now this experience just made me fall in love all over again because I was accepted. Hands down. Be who you are. By the one person I have been terrified of losing. It was like being married all over again, but this time I was the one proposed to...only my proposal was like (wink) let's go look at some hip clothes...

A dream come true for a married t-girl. Most of us live lives of secrecy or desperate shared whispers...

Damn, I know those tones and feel unfettered for the first time in like, ever...

I feel like a whole new life is waiting for the two of us...for me. I mean, I always had permission to explore my feminine side, but I feel like I have been accepted as being in-between. Being trans. Which is true. And it is great to feel like I'm welcome under the umbrella.

We spent the rest of the week chatting about material, maxi-dresses, cute tops, and trying on gothic jewelry. She still doesn't want to see me dressed...she models clothes we both are interested in (a bonus for me!) and window shop and talk fashion. And eat, and laugh, and hold hands.

Yay, me!

Bonus: we shopped clearance racks and saved bucks.

Creatively: working on a manuscript

I have two poems appearing in a t-friendly lit journal


  1. Cassidy, that is the best news. I'm getting a much longer leash of late, but she's not quite ready to shop with me. Doesn't the love just flow when you feel accepted?

  2. I'm wildly happy for you!
    You deserve warmth and reception full on.

  3. Your happiness shows right through your words, it is so nice to read. I love shopping with my CD boyfriend. I wish many more shopping trips for you and your SO.

  4. Thanks! we are so happy right now...such a simple thing but so elusive...Thanks for your comments. I'm smiling like an idiot