Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear Abby! Jacking a fellow TGirl's link

I'm jacking this post by fellow T-girl Jessica Who? mostly because I want to share it with a friend who follows my blog (but not Jessica's) and whose email keeps bouncing my link. After six hours of casual trying...I'm giving up. Sorry Jessica Who? Where ever you are... Enjoy FL...I'm off to LA in about three days. Oh the heat...perfect for a summer dress.

Anyhow...Dear Abby deals with a woman who wants to xd her hubby. Lucky guy! Enjoy!

Somebody owes me a phone call.

or here


  1. Hi Cassidy!

    What a funny Dear Abby? You know I actually clicked the main Jacksonville Observer page to make sure it was a real newspaper and not some Onion style satire news.

    I'm in Florida now, and girl is it hot and humid! Though it's a bit of a nice change from the long and cold Chicago (extended) winter.

    Have a great time in Los Angeles :)

  2. I will, thanks! And thanks for finding that cool post! Hope I can find time to get girly in LA, though my schedule is packed full of work related hoo-ha...FL in the summer is no place for mascara

  3. You've been gone for a few as well I see.
    Is that you in the pic?
    I always thought of you as a blonde..who knew?
    Still waiting to get a real view of you-even if it's in an email!