Saturday, August 8, 2009

The bearded lady

Wow, if you ask me Hayek still looks hot, and feminine. Bearded ladies are supossed to be horny, lusty. passionate women. Or at least according to freak folklore. Hayek will play the bearded lady in a upcoming vampire can read about it here.

During the winter I often sport a beard and for many weeks on hand I too am the bearded lady, a look that isn't as bad as it could be. Still it's jarring. I prefer shaved and powdered to rough and painted.


  1. With that beard and the eyeliner, there's a bit of the Captain Jack Sparrow about that character :)

  2. This is what Jeanie looked like in the beginning of summer. I love her with beard or no beard. I notice beards are big with cross dressers.

  3. something very mystical about a bearded lady, huh? salma always looks hot to me, no matter what she does