Friday, August 7, 2009

Random ramblings

I'm wearing the top and wanting the brush...grr..ahh

So I'm with the misses on a school supply hunt and, amid the crass masses, a knotted family is scolding a small boy for choosing a pink football over a regular pig skin. This is Wal Mart, mind you, and here I am with some purple nail polish for myself amid the pencils and glue. I meant to pick up that new Maybelline vibrating mascara brush, my new crush, but plumb forgot. Incidentally the boy got his pink football, sorta, thanks to his sister who insisted on one of her own. They were in front of me in the checkout line. Little kid still stared at it, as my boys did too, for I was cheap mom-dad and did not allow the kids a toy purchase (they got candy instead).

Pink can change your sexuality. Mahawwah. It's a conspiracy.


Anyhoo. The misses and me exchange more meaningful dialogue about my crossdressing and my trans-ness. She doesn't call it anything, but alludes to it, at least until today when she recommended a Shakespeare book. "It's all about crossdressing," she whispered....I was shocked she said it aloud. And thrilled. Will keep you updated on the book and other...

Since we've shared a bit of the experience it has become less scary for her. I think for couples for which the gender card is played late, it is important for both parties to be at ease with it. When I came out I suspected she thought I was suddenly going to go to work in make-up with a scarf around my neck and platform shoes (not that I haven't thought about it mind you). Life is great.


  1. We seem to be leading parallel lives at the moment, Cassidy. My wife still doesn't get it entirely, but she has surrendered to its inevitability. She even dares to speak its name from time to time. Life IS pretty good.

  2. Mascaras are always disappointing.
    I can hardly risk allowing myself to crush.
    Chanel never disappoints in those magical tubes.
    I'm off to color my hair ....

  3. So happy for you Leslie! My little girl heart flutters when my SO brings it up...sigh

    And god, mascara does dissapoint. Still...I can't help it. I love the way my lashes curl and darken...

  4. "Life is great."

    That is the most important thing of all.

    Mascara, not so much. ;-)