Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's ...shrink session was good today

Or to steal from one of the great TG authors of her time "Erin go braless" (snare drum, high hat). Things are well in the gender blended south of my home. Well, except boring domestic stuff like touch up painting and the like that must be done soon.

Had an interesting session with the old shrink today. She seems to think my gender dysphoria is becoming more intense, and suggests that I spend a weekend in Provincetown or San Fran to explore how I would feel living as a woman, or rather a trans woman full time.

I tend to accommodate my partner so much I often neglect myself. She's all for me trying a low dose of hormones again, but I'm cautious now. Though my body would probably react better to a corrected dosage, I still pause. But why?

Afraid of secrets, I think, or afraid of my truth. My own naked self that is struggling to get out of my head and skin and into the world.

Anyways. Cheers. Have a beer, I'm having several. Erin go bragh

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