Friday, April 1, 2011

draft: working title "A Few Notes About CrossDressing"

What binds me to the earth,
which is to say,
what binds me to my body,
are the tight straps
of the camisole and the bright flash of satin
against freshly shaved skin.

It feels not like a cheap thrill,
or the sexed up joy one affords the mad,
but rather
it is the feeling of newness,

like how a new car's steering wheel rides the palm
or how a new pair of shoes
and a crisp new haircut feel
in the rush of spring
and the bright A/C of summer.

This awareness
is the spirit enlarging and enlarging
and reaching beyond its airy walls,
a conjoining of elements.

I just found it pertinent you know,
just in case there were questions
if I am found in the rubble.

What I like:the spiritual imagery, though as a rule I avoid those tropes, very overused. I like some of the lazy meandering rhythm. Will get back to you on the ending


  1. It's always been difficult for me to find a spiritual connection between cross-gender ideas and nature. I suppose my ignorant bias has always thought them to be opposites. Toying with my own hidden cross-gender fantasies I was convinced that I would be forced to say 'to hell with nature'. I believed in what you said in stanza 2, cheap thrill, sexed up joy.
    Perhaps you have changed my mind.
    I like this poem for many reasons yet the most prominent reason being that connection between cross-dressing and nature, earth, life, spirit.
    Thank you for this wonderful poem.

  2. Wonderful words. Thanks for sharing.

    The verse about 'the feeling of newness' struck me. It was something I connected with. I won't say anymore, as no doubt, I'll put my foot in it with some crass analagy. :-)

  3. ty guys...i appreciate it! My mad eye spies future revisions