Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Really, WTF? This is what school administrators do with their time.

Recently, as mnay of you may have read, a high school freshman was suspended for wearing heels and a dress to school. Read about it here. and here.. As an educator these kind of admin decisions make me want to scream. How is this more distracting than drug deals, bored disruptive students who care not for learning, and a test-taking culture than has thrashed out creativity in the classroom? This was a learning experience for all, and it was handled poorly.

Instead of celebrating his challenge he was suspended. Instead of discussing gender representation he was suspended. His mother approved, heck she was the one who challenged him...and the school threw him out because he was...different.

Fucking ridiculous.

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  1. I wonder what their reaction woud be to a girl (natal) coming to school in say, a man's suit and tie, and a pair of wingtips?

    Three cheers fo the kid! It's courage like that, that will some day allow everyone to be free to be their true self.