Saturday, February 13, 2010

Asking for thoughts...for a dark question's the deal.

Working on post-apocalyptic story where protagonist is a post-op MTF. Somehow this figures in her fate, being thrown out of a...for lack of a better word...village..because she is infertile.

This is the kicker...

part of the underlying violence must be the underlying prejudice mainstream america has against the glbT (the T is capitalized to emphasize the audience to which the fiction is written don't take offense). So why do you think trans people are reviled? Any ideas?

You'd get a credit/shout-out in the Acknowledgments (assuming someone would publish it.


  1. > mainstream america...

    Can I play the opposite and say not everyone in the mainstream is prejudiced? :) Maybe the UK is different, but most folk don't care or are curious about us. There are some who don't like us and probably never will. Still, you can't have it all :)

    But back to the story... Trickery may come into it. I mean, if the character has tried to - to use language from the antagonists - pass themselves off as female, the other villagers may feel anger at being duped.

    Straying from the binary path of male + female = okay upsets some people. If a person transitions and you find them attractive - or even fall in love with them - what does that say about your sexuality? Not everyone wants to look within.

    There may also be the angle that some of the villagers are living a lie (there's a plot hook) and making a scape goat of someone else is a way to push the scrutiny away from themselves.

  2. love it, sista, love it.

    I do feel, and this is based on nothing but web crawling, that the UK is way more gender progressive as a whole than the US. Go UK