Sunday, February 7, 2010

productive fight

The missus and I had it out. Cabin Fever and all. Of course my gender identity was at the heart of it. But this fight felt different. We aired some frustrations and gre closer. Whew. Glad it's over.

She doesn't want me to live the lifestyle every day every night. I don't know if I want to either. We reached another compromise in a long chain of compromises. She's the best!


  1. It's nice that you two can reach a middle ground through discussion. Don't ever take that for granted. It's not universal.

  2. I don't think fights are nice, but sometimes you need one to clear the air and move on. I hope it's smoother sailing now.

  3. Lady Cassidy,

    While butting heads often leads to a terrible headache, it is often the only way to get to the next evolution of relationships.

    Real adults can argue and move forward. Real soul mates argue and are better for it.

    Best Wishes For Both Of You,