Friday, February 5, 2010

snow musings: Gender Conference at Murfeesburo Community College, sexual orientation questioning, and latex fetish wear, oh my!

Sounds sexier than it is. The Murfeesburo Community College Conference on Gender is merely a weekend party of second tier professors expounding bullshit about gender, gender roles, and gender equality. Blah. As far as I know I'm the only crossdressing trans person in attendance. There's not even a gay club for me to go bar hopping en femme to.

What's a girl to do? Sorry I haven't been active lately, just too many strings pulling on this old guitar.

I'm a bit out of tune.

However, currently rocking fashion tights and Massimo wine sweater dress (perfect for the damp cold) and plenty of cute fashion accessories. Follow me on tumblr for fashion fun pics and trans talk, when it comes up for reblogging.

Tumblr if you don't know, is the easiest way to blog. For me it's more a repository for interesting images.

Personally, since I am off hormones (wasn't on them for long, dammit) I have been exploring a variety of feelings. I found myself quite close (as in spatially) to a close male friend, and I could not help but to fantasize about kissing him. It turned my heart on, no pun intended, rather than my loins. Quite strange, and since has spurred me to force myself to look at men. Just to see.

What harm could that do, right?

And so far I keep finding myself looking at the women. Still, a blip on the consciousness radar that one should pay attention to.

But the wife and are great. I'm not looking to hook up, just see how attracted I am to men...if truly at all.

Side note: anyone tried latex? On tumblr I follow a crossdresser who designs latex and I must admit it looks like a fun way to dress your smooth skin. Dish the details, ladies

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  1. No, never tried latex. Possibly because it's so damned tight - you'd see every lump and bump. :)