Sunday, May 15, 2011

Come on up to the house

Come on up to the house. The tea is brewing. And if you need something stronger there's beer in the ice box. Nothing fancy mind you, just honest American brew.

The Mississippi will crest in Southwestern Mississippi this week flooding famrland, churches, chicken houses, and juke joints. Sadly, the poor have no where to go.

My heart pours out to them, since many are so poor and cognitively deficient, this flood is literally Biblical to the masses who subsist on corncake and game for their meals (yes, world, the rural South is third world) and do not possess the means to leave town. There world will be under water. Wiped out. Our own tsunami-like disaster.

Mean while in the northern portions of the South, the Mid-Atlantic, gay marriage/civil unions are becoming mainstream political fodder, hopefully trans rights will follow.

And me on my little hill....feeling a well of creative forces move inside. This big ol gal will pick up her guitar and pen this week.

In my personal life...the marriage is going well. We have spent time together sharing, but the lack of interface re: crossdressing/trans feelings are nil, as is the sex. life. as in. nada. And what does one expect when your "straight" partner comes out as a tall awkward girl?

I keep waking up wondering where my hips disappeared to, and feel a nurturing pull towards earth.

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