Monday, March 9, 2009

Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man

In the African American culture crossdressing (not drag) is mainstream comedy. Ask Medea, whose foul mouth character is really Tyler Perry, who has turned DIY theatre into a multi-million dollar business (300+ to date...and to think his plays began in high school auditoriums and small theatres...he wrote, directed and starred as the main character, a foul mouthed large black woman), ask Eddie Murphy, ask Big Momma, ask the Waynan Brothers...

Though Steve Harvey's new book is written for women it asks women to break traditional gender roles and think like men.

Which as every crossdresser and gender variant knows is what occurs on a daily basis inside our rattled little skulls.

One can almost here the high heels kicking down my ears at times...

Though Harvey's book isn't about gender variant behavior, it does push forward a out of the box cognitive approach to solving relationship problems, something rather progressive in a culture dominated by masculine roles.

Note: I have only skimmed the book...I'm not looking to land a man

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  1. I think there is a deep respect for women in African American culture that is not found among the White Folks.
    You can't see my videos, can you?
    What a pity.
    And yes, Andrew Bird.
    I met him at a dinner party when I lived in Chicago.
    He's an angel~