Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whew...domestic dervish

A week of stressful work--long hours and tedious meetings--followed by a long week of in-laws has left this sister drained.


When the in-laws are in town...my domestic duties triple. Around here I take care of the kids, the housecleaning and my share of meals, as well as the day to day chores--garbage, litter box, etc.

I don't mind it, I love waiting on my wife. She deserves it. But the in-laws not only increase our number, but the traffic in house as well.

Me wee shoulders are aching...

And on top of that I have not been able to femulate at all--in eleven days, but I'm not counting.

The other day at the store and this cute middle-aged woman was wearing 2 inch sandals and her toes shimmered a deep red...for an hour I couldn't stop thinking about being that shimmery red toenail. If only for a second.

My head was like a balloon--floating above my body which continued to shop for diapers.

I did finish Luna, review forthcoming, and The Sweet In-Between, which is about a female crossdresser, a teen, trying to pass as a boy... Good stuff...review also forthcoming...

Hope this finds you well...



  1. I'm so glad you are back.
    I probably enjoy reading you more than...well more than most we'll say. Maybe the female depravation (did I spell that correctly? mmmm..) will inspire you to photo yourself like crazy and you'll send me the photos without your head chopped off! I leave for New York at the end of the week. I'm not so nervous about meeting Jee's family as I am nervous about being bored. I don't wear that well at all so maybe I'll pick up the books you just finished. Mwaaah,Girl!!!!

  2. Ouch parental meeting! Oh goodness, girl, you need to pack some totems you can play with in your bedroom when yall retire. It doesn't have to be naughty, but something to empower you. For you are roar, you are gold, you are the swinging stars above the wood at night!