Saturday, March 14, 2009

Guilty as charged: sexual arousal while dressing

To say that I get aroused while dressed is an understatement.

However 9 times out of 10 my arousal is less sexual and more personality-centered.

Last night, after several glasses of champagne and much senseless Facebooking with old friends, I tottered around in my 3 inch sexy sandals and found myself eager for some sexual action.

My orientation is straight-bisexual. Let me explain. I am attracted to women. I am not attracted to men, however I fantasize about being the love interest of men. Yeah, figure that out.

Oh. I've experimented before, and always it was enjoyable, but I've never been in love with a man. Never. The few flings I've had never lasted longer than the crush, no strings, no attachment. When I'm out and about it's the ladies I'm looking at, for fashion, for sexual pleasure.

When my wife was pregnant with our children she told me to get porn, the playboy channel, read erotica, call a phone sex operator, just don't fuck around. And she closed up shop for 12 months (w/r/t the second child she closed up for 18 months...yes 18 months w/out sex will make anybody whacky). Perhaps it was the booze, but last night I found myself calling a phone sex service, not for fantasy, but just to talk about crossdressing, submission, and the various sexual fantasies I've had over the years. It was fun, but frivolous and stupid. Like I could use that cash back, but it didn't break the bank, and it was as expensive as a shrink session. So be it.

I bring this up not for kinky confession, but to address the issue that crossdessing and transgenderism is sexual. It is erotic and arousing. Sometimes we deny that when we try to intellectualize our experience.

Transgenderism is a wide and wonderful ride.


  1. Next time dont call a phone sex operator.
    Just call me and send me a nice present later.
    I'll talk to you and actually enjoy it.
    Crossdressing is sexual-like becoming the object of sexual desire. You.are.such.the.doll.

  2. Cassidy, I'm still trying to figure it out after half a lifetime.

    Perhaps the differecne is that I'm what some would call TS, (I'm officially on the NHS GR programme), but I can't recall every getting turned on by the mere act of dressing.

    However, if E tells me to wear something and show her how it fits and looks, THAT does turn me on.

    Go figure.

    I'm past analysing, and now I just enjoy the way it all works.