Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer projects

Ladies…it is summer and I trust all are having a great and safe and hilarious start to the season all about skin.

Ladies, this summer I’m gonna to master heavy, heavy, heavy hooker glam eye shadow.

Normally I play it safe, light and flirty, no heavier than a professional GG would wear to work. But I want to throw caution to the wind and take my eyes to the club, girl.

I’m not going to the club. No. My eyes are, and my brain, but ol’ Cass will have her narrow butt on the porch.

The other project I have in mind is a more of a record of TG history in terms of names. Most of us feminize or masculinize our given name, but many do not. The trend is not restricted to gay or straight culture. It seems to be a matter of choice. Where did your name come from? Might be interesting, might be as boring as a bus, but who knows?

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  1. I love glaming it up. We are in Australia, so our summer is just approaching...The new summer trends are pretty awesome, I love the rosy blush look with strong rosy cheeks, heavily outlined eyes, and neutral lips. It's my fave!