Thursday, June 4, 2009

radio hate jocks KRXQ

Rob and Arnie's anti-trans rants and defamatory comments have raised all sorts of hairs.If you need a refresher, or missed it entirely check it out here. This comes as a flurry of GLBT news and landmarks pop up in time for summer. Obama's declaration that June is GLBT month, NH passing gay marriage, and countless other smaller, personal milestones.

The trans movement, if you can call it that, is building steam in terms of mainstream acceptance. This larger political moves do not even begin to show the depth of this experience. Yet, thanks in large part to the internet, a global story emerges.

The anti trans child rant on KRXQ sullies all this progress. But it is to be expected. Most of the world are stones. We are the flowers. And what do you expect from a stone? Rough practical earthy response. Sure, the comments were meant to be a joke. The world is full of stones. They all laughed, no doubt. Sadly, there will be more.


  1. I hope that we can get to a place in society where these ignorant hate jocks will not be permitted to keep their jobs for making statements like that.

  2. I'm a little bit thrown by the comments in the anti-trans rant. I can only hope that:

    1) the radio station takes the complaints seriously. I mean, would it be okay to make similar spiteful gags about any other minority?

    2) Maybe some time with some trans kids - and not on the radio either - might help. I'm an adult and it's taken me a while to be okay about who I am. But for a young TG child to hear that sort of hate? It's just not right.

    Still, GLBT month for June? Obama seems to be going for it, doesn't he.

  3. It's a perfect example of the old white boy club pissing on everybody who doesn't fit in a box.

    What's worse was they actually thought their statements were amusing. It's like when I hear kids at the college repeating Jewish racist slurs they heard on Southpark. They don't know any Jewish people and don't get that they are offensive. They make the same asinine comments about GLBT people too.Aggh!