Sunday, June 7, 2009

Combined Gender Identity and Transsexuality Inventory

Take the COAGTI test here.

See how transgendered you are...well at least almost. Keep in mind girls that these tests aren't 100% accurate and you'd be better off seeing a therapist and taking it under supervision.

I score 190...probable transsexual.

Sounds about right


  1. 110--Androgyne. Took this test a couple years ago, and I was in the same range. Here I thought I was getting in touch with my inner girl!

  2. HHmm..

    Gosh, I gues smost of us really wish for a perfect medical test that would tell one with 100% accuracy if one was really, totally TS.

    But all we have go on is our life experiences and our emotions.

    That means we take a best guess, I suppose. It feels right to be a female, it feels wrong to be a male.

    Did the test. Potential TS.

    But I'd already self-diagnosed in late '86. The Gender specialist I saw in early May this year gave me the same diagnosis.

    Interesting, though.