Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Any news on The Riches return?

For those not in the know the Fox network show, The Riches, starring crossdressing comedian (or is it comedienne?) Eddie Izzard, features a young teen, Sam, featured above, who regularly crossdresses, sometimes as part of a scam (the family is a bunch of Southern gypsies, oh my!) and sometimes for pleasure.

Has anyone heard of its return? I have not seen it listed in any spring programming. An excellent drama with occasional TG issues, a must. Some of the students in my intro to psych class have seen it, and the TG element was curious to them, being Sam does not dress for any overt sexual pleasure, as most students assume TG/CD folk do.


  1. I've not seen this show myself, although what I've heard about it has made me want to; I suppose I'll just have to wait until the DVDs come out here in Australia, whenever that will be. That's an interesting pair of photos you've posted. I particularly like the second one; it's pretty obvious the subject is a boy, yet he still looks good in what he's wearing. (Maybe I'm biased here, as I'm a CDer who seldom attempts to pass when he dresses himself.)

  2. I here you there. I vascilate between trying to pass and not trying to pass. Sometimes I look better with feminine attire sans bra and breasts than I do when I try to pass....It's a great show btw