Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day: Give it up for your sweetie!, Oh, and new shoes

Happy Valentine's Day!

I plan on kicking back and putting these tired dogs up. After a Friday of being Mr. Mom all day and planning and cooking for a V-Day party last night, I need a cup of hot tea and a copy of Lucky magazine to cruise me through today.

I felt as though I should remind crossdressers and tg wives out there to pay special attention to the biological wife of the marriage/relationship. Even if they have trouble accepting your femme side, the heart swells at the notion of romance today, and one should be willing to give to their sweethearts all the attention and flattery she deserves.

Romance is double edged. Whether it's roses or new sexy boots (my gift to her)stroke your realtionship. Take extra time to kiss longer. Hold hands. Caress.


  1. Sweetie, those shoes are way too big for you. How can you walk in them with an extra inch in length? Did you buy them too big to make up for the width? You should check out my favorite source for sexy shoes in men's sizes. Dreamshoes Everything on the size 15 page is actually in my male shoe size, so I order 13WW (=13D) and they fit like a glove. No pinching and no slipoff!

  2. Actually they fit great, I know what you mean by the photos. I have very irregular feet and even men's shoes are a pain...Not only are my feet flat --no arch period, the ball of my heel is elongated and taper sharply up. When I saw my pics I actually had to go back and try them on again thinking they were too big! But it was just my weird feet.

  3. I will add your site to my links. Thanks for checking in!

  4. Your comments brought back to mind painful middle school memories where I wore nothing but bulky moon shoes--which I hated. I hated everything about my appearance way back then...As I got older I wore strictly boots, for they alone gave me the support I needed. In girl mode I prefer mules and sandles as my weird feet look way more feminine in them. I have three pairs of pumps and in the 5 inch heels (seen in the pics) my feet look small. The 3 inch and 2.5 inch heels do not belie my anatomy...perhaps the sharp incline of the 5 inch heel gives it away...