Friday, February 6, 2009

Loving Life

I am in love with life.

Winter's glassy winds are keeping me wrapped up in tights.

What would the world be without them?

And baubles and beads. And baubles and beads.

It has been decided that I am a 36c. Which I love. I'ma tall girl, 6'3 and slender.

I favor wools, and knits and cheap department store knockoffs.

Make-up has become my friend.

I am a straight married cd/tg. And my awesome wife, and true love and I have compromised one night of the week when I be alone and express my feminine self. That one night when I feel free and normal, which is ironic


because well any normal person would think I was a freak.

A tall, slender man-woman/sissy, no doubt.

But I feel beautiful, and pretty and happy.

I won't post my face, but everything else is up for show.

I will try to focus on crossdressing on a budget, and being a rural southern crossdresser and transgendered person.

And of course t-related news, and art and cultural reviews.

After all a girl has to have something besides herself to talk about.


1 comment:

  1. Sometimes when I am just jonesin' to dress up my cross dresser in something I've never seen, I go to the local good will which is luckily just a block away from where I work. Sometimes I sneak out for lunch and just plunder through racks for cute dresses, tight skirts and delicately detailed tops and blouses. I'm never gonna find a shoe there and anyways I don't think you should wear used shoes but clothes I dig especially ones thrown away by women who never even took the tag off before tossing it. I went all out for Valentines's Day and bought a new dress but at a discount store. I can't find flaw. Jeanie will wear it for a Mardi Gras night next weekend. It makes me hear Dancing Queen by ABBA in my head.