Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Dress. Thrift Store Bargin. 4.99

Love thrifting. Love it.

And honey, in my town there are three thrift stores and one cheap, cheap, cheap, broke-ass Big Lots-type department store (which is bargain hunters dream/hell...sometimes you can find a killer denim skirt, or a nice sweater dress, and then nothing...

for months.

Which means you troll the thrift stores, like some clothes junkie, your heart rate jacked, as you thumb through the stale fashions.

But let me digress...

Thrifting rule number one: shop for basics, and timeless looks/fabrics: i.e. wool skirts, shrifts, scarves, sweaters, cardigans, turtlenecks, and the like.

Crossdresser's guilty pleasure: floral print dresses, skirts, tops.

God,I swoon. All the girls I loved before wore a variation of such wispy femininity.

So this dress was a boon.

One size too big for me, but it is a comfortable fit. I am a tall large shouldered, but slender man, and sport an 18. This, alas is a 20w. Still it fits well it the arms, but makes my already shapeless, hipless (oh for an hourglass!) self seem even more so shapeless and hipless. Needs taking up. Or padded panties, and a upgrade in the bra and tissue department. A summer project.

For the price, nice.

For the memory/sensory associations, priceless.


  1. I am between a 16 to a small 18. It's funky and requires a good eye because I hate trying clothes on in dressing rooms (one bad look can kill a shopping buzz). We could share a lot of stuff in our closets!