Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Blah

My back has been barkin' all week. You know what that means? Grumpy Momdy. All the tea and beer in the south could lighten my demeanor. However reading all of my mister-sisters/and signified others who roll around in trans like it was fur have kept my spirits up.

Am trying to get on with my literary career (was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in Poetry this year, which is like Rob Redford saying, "Come on to Sundance!")

I'm rambling. Back pills. Red wine.

The Oscars have not impressed. The nominated films do. I think the scrim upon the awards shows is tattered. Do we want to watch blank, vacant celebs spend thousands, and as an industry, millions?

I'm trying to be a thrifty T-girl and buy used, or close-out.

I 'd like to get some pants/jeans/slacks but I'm afraid my skinny male behind will thwart me. Any suggestions?

Oh, for SFCDGF...Cassidy Bryn is a viscerally more light name than my homme name, than my feminized homme name...stephanie (which I don't's just like why bother sticking with something so mundane when living something that is much more?). Cassidy evokes my prankster mood, my penchant for pretty names (it rolls, it lingers in the mouth, the double ss make it sexy) Bryn is my fav Celtic femme name, and though my heritage isn't worn on my sleeve, it is given its place.)


  1. Skinny male behind? You're perfect for shopping for girl jeans! Find the thrift stores and Goodwill. You have to hunt but hunt is fun and you don't have to feel guilty for your indulgences. I've become a real pro at finding great Jeanie clothes there. Jeanie is actually easier to buy for than I am; thanks to the skinny but factor. Have fun with it!

  2. Thanks, so far I've had little luck, either too short, or too wide in the hips. I am a tall gal 6'3

  3. Re the Oscars, all I can say is, "WILL PEOPLE PLEASE STOP GIVING AWARDS TO HEATH LEDGER?! HE'S DEAD, FOR F***'S SAKE - HAS BEEN FOR ABOUT A YEAR NOW - AND ALL THE AWARDS IN THE WORLD AREN'T GOING TO CONVINCE HIM TO COME BACK FROM THE GRAVE! ARGH!" Seriously, I can't help thinking that this endless, ongoing showering of him with awards is being motivated by some serious denial on the part of a lot of people.

    While I used to be a big fan of the Oscars, I don't watch them any more. I've simply become too out of touch with the movie world (I used to attend the cinema religiously until I became too much of a grumpy old man, and started to find other moviegoers' bad behaviour too irritating to put up with), and the news shows down where I live (Australia) always blab the main results hours before the telecast of the ceremony screens here anyway. Besides, while the dresses on display are certainly nice (obligatory CD comment), the comparative dullness and conformity of the men's attire is very depressing indeed. (C'mon, I thought you guys were supposed to be creative types!)

  4. You are correct there about the men's attire. I do think Ledger deserved the award, it was a fearless performance, but I feel your pain. I'm over it as well.