Friday, February 20, 2009

Southern Friday Night Femme Playlist


Let's slide our heels slowly over our soles
and let the lipstick glide over wet skin.
By the roll of our hips
we are newly made...

Greetings, y'all. It's cold here, but my peach tree is buddin' (take that anyway you'd like, sweethearts) and my God

It's good to be girly once again!

A playlist--not necessarily a TG themed playlist---but more of an empowering shake your head and dig your heels playlist, capiche?

Everything is under control---Coldcut--featuring Mike Ladd and Jon Spencer: party mood setter. Shaka ya hipsa

Down in Missippi and Up to No Good--

Yo, go girl! Sugarland is sugary pop, perfect for Friday night.

Run Through the jungle--CCR--this deep groove is uber cool, plus for me a reminder of when my TG self was a hinderance and stressor. Total psychic suckage. And I was lucky.

Enough for now! On to cocktails and champagne!


  1. Nothing like some good tunes to get you in the mood for a good night - a night in or a night out and about.

    BTW: cool poetry.