Saturday, February 21, 2009


Tiresias was the blind prohphet from mythology. As a young man he struck two snakes making love and was punished by Hera and transformed into a woman (the first sex change). He was a woman for 7 years (and a famouas prostitute for the oracle of delphi) and had two daughters (who could both switch genders at will). She was transformed back into a male after again coming across two snakes, this time killing the male. His symbol, like Mercury/Hermes is the caduceus--twin snakes climbing a staff--the symbol for male and female.

This poem is from the perspective of Theresea....Tiresias as a woman


Act like a man and be cheap
once a week,
it’ll help when you have to switch.

That bitch, the oracle, is often out of tune.
Learn how to pluck the right notes
from her throat. You’ll both be naturals,

you were born into this;
I wasn’t. Like waking up
to remember that somewhere beyond the scrim

there was another life
waiting for you like a copperhead
dozing on a rock, waiting

like a poison ring to open.
Word to the wise,
no playing both sides

there’s no luck in it.
You might get confused
if you try to befriend a lover

in the wrong body.
Be ready to avoid a beating, a rape.
That’s what stones do when they meet someone

like us; for to understand
what our flesh knows they have to swing
at our skulls. They must have our brains

on their skin
like wet cornmeal.
We’re so queer they must smash us

to acknowledge the body which is chorus
and congress of man, woman, and sky.
Remember, a woman’s great secret is that she is beautiful

without anything; especially a man,
or a child. Where a man
needs proof he exists.

If you haven't checked out Gender Variant Biography...get lost for a few hours.


  1. You found a name!
    I'm not sure it fits you-mostly because I haven't had a chance to take a look at you. How would I get the chance to do so? I'm so curious! Never mind. I really love your blog. You enjoy life and it's simple pleasures-much like me.

  2. Thanks, sweetie. Me partner restricts my face...and until we find a way around that...who knows...she's coming more and more around to my life.
    I've always loved Brynn, and Cassidy, only because of Neal Cassidy, rather than Mamma. I'm not sure if I'll stick with it, but I like the music of the name, despite its preppy connotations (which I hope to reclaim)